Congratulations to Patty Bland for her success in the NEA Representative Assembly Delegate election.


Negotiations Update – May 10, 2016

View details of the most recent negotiations here.


Meeting with the Superintendent

View details of Dale’s most recent meeting with the Superintendent here.


Logging In

Q:  How do I log in or get to the Members Only section?

A:  Click on “Members” in the navigation bar above.  All the directions you need are there.  If you want to get to a specific members only page, click one of the links from the drop down that will appear.


BCEA Candidates:

President: Mary Steinhauer – uncontested

1st Vice President: Anthony Rizzo – uncontested

2nd Vice President: Tamara Gross – uncontested

NJEA Delegate Assembly: Patricia Bland, Nancy Meyer, Doriann Swern

NJEA Delegate Assembly Alternative: Anthony Rizzo, Alamelu Walters


Negotiations Update – 2/26/16

Our meeting with the Board this past Wednesday was cancelled due to the illness of the Board’s negotiator.  Fortunately, we had already also arranged a date in March (Wed 23rd).  This will be our next date to meet.
Judy Lynch, your Negotiation Team Chair, is looking ahead to April, May and June to set firm dates so that the calendar doesn’t unnecessarily get in the way of completing our work.  It would be nice to not need them, but we’d rather be prepared.  Salary and benefits are our focal points right now and we are hopeful that we can come to some understanding with the Board and resolve this in the form of a new contract.  We appreciate your patience.


Gmail driving you crazy?

Gmail groups replies and forwards of emails into threaded conversations.  If this confuses or annoys you, you can change Gmail’s settings to keep them as separate emails.  Here’s how to do it!

Stay Informed

Stay Safe

As technology becomes more of an everyday thing in our lives, it is important that we stay aware and current on our Board policies regarding technology use that affect us both in and out of school.  Check out these policies:

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