General Membership Meeting-October


If you were not able to attend the October General Membership Meeting, and you did not get the information from your building meeting, then this is the place to come and get the information!!

  • Kathy Sytnik is running for the North Hanover Township School board along with Nancy Morrow. They are both write ins. If you are interested in having pro education members on the board then these two women are our best choices.
  • If you have not signed up for BJ’s please see Sheila she has the information.
  • Our buildings will be monitored by the state sometime this year. There are many changes that may effect you. In each building there should be a pack of papers which outlines the regulations. Thank you to Jayne Glover for providing us with this information!
  • Deb Syer came in to talk to us about the local evaluation team. She stressed the importance of the team and the role that they are playing in order to help you provide an easier road towards your evaluation experience. One thing that Deb stressed was the importance of responding to your evaluation with a short comment, even just to say thank you.  Our local evaluation team consists of Christie Plantarich, Karen Hallman, Alexis Bruder, Tammy Jensen, and Sara Humble. They are there to help guide you with your concerns and rebuttals.
  • Sheila mentioned the philanthropic funds. If you could donate any amount to help give a senior from Northern a scholarship would be very good. We were able to give a $500.00 scholarship this year. Thank you to all who helped with this scholarship!
  • Everyone has access to log into the School wires, our North Hanover web page. There is information on the employee site that is helpful to us all. That site is a work in progress, more information will be added as the year progresses. So stay tuned!
  • Please remember that our contract runs out June 30th.


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